Lavender Latte

5 mins


A new take on the classic latte – and it opens up a new world of flavour. Prepare to treat yourself and your senses with this delightful mix of flavour and aroma – delicate lavender, partnering with the smooth espresso you know and love from Starbucks® coffee.

5 mins to make
- 1 Serving(s) +


  • 2
      shots espresso
  • 250
      ml milk of your choice
  • 1
      tsp. honey
  • 2
      tsp. lavender syrup
  •   Whipped cream
Lavender Latte

Sip. Enjoy. Repeat.

Lavender Latte

A latte that's as tasty as it is lovely to look at. Get ready to lose yourself with the first sip – and the next. And the next.

Heart ellipse Lavender Latte cube
Lavender Latte