starbucks toffee nut latte

4 ways to add joy to your toffee nut latte this festive season

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Add an extra touch of festive joy to your toffee nut latte this season! Whether you’re hosting loved ones and want to impress, or simply treating yourself to a special cup, we’ve got some great tips for you. 

Share in festive season delight with our Toffee Nut Latte! Whether you’re hosting or going solo, add some joy into every cup you make. 
There’s something about immersing yourself in the flavours and aromas of Starbucks® beverages crafted for different personalities and palates. With a little bit of chocolate powder here, some peppermint candy cane there – all these bits are what makes and enhances the overall experience of coffee drinking. 

From the café to the comfort of your home we want you to live that Starbucks® experience. Create this delicious seasonal favourite with our easy-to-make recipes and indulge on a holiday treat, with your personal touch. 

placing whip cream on coffee

It’s festive season, so think cosy, celebrations and coming together when crafting this drink.

It’s about balancing the texture and flavour to ensure a smooth coffee experience. To achieve this, whip up a small amount of cream and place it on top of your coffee. Doing this will enhance the rich and velvety flavours of the drink.

Now this, will make your special limited edition toffee nut latte that much more enjoyable at home!

coffee topping with nuts

A toffee twist


Make a topping of your own to enhance the flavours and add personality!

We recommend using brittle or nuts that you can chop into small pieces. As well as toffee to create the toffee nut sprinkle.

What’s a toffee nut flavoured coffee without toffee nut sprinkles? The key to nailing this drink is by knowing the kind of toffee and nuts you are using. Think about the flavour you’re going for and what you enjoy when you’re in the comfort of your home.

If you’re looking for something that’s creamy, nutty and sweet you’ll want to use peanut brittle or if your palate is craving something warm & woody, you can go for walnuts.




The nice thing about this is that it’s very easy to make. Just grab some toffee and nuts, place it on your chopping board and chop it into small pieces. Once you’re done, sprinkle it over the whipped cream you’ve placed over your beverage. 

adding spice to coffee

A touch of festive season magic

One thing about coffee, it’s a delicate treat and it’s important to know what spice to pair it with.

Whether cinnamon or chocolate powder is your favourite, a dash of spice makes everything nice.

adding candy cane to coffee

What’s the festive season without a bit of extra sweetness?


Add a refreshing burst of holiday magic by garnishing your coffee with peppermint candy canes.

This will give your coffee some character, set for joyous occasions. 


Finish off this delicious beverage with a delightful twist to your Starbucks® experience! Lean into the festive spirit by garnishing your coffee with peppermint candy canes.

But that's not all! Let your candy cane double as a stirring companion OR chopped up into small pieces and sprinkled over your coffee. Infuse your coffee with the sweet essence of peppermint. This simple yet captivating addition not only enhances your coffee's flavour but also adds a touch of joy to your cup, making every sip a burst of refreshing sensation. 

Enjoy this treat and share the festive joy with friends and family. Gather around, exchange stories, and let your favourite Starbucks® Toffee Nut Latte be the perfect companion to your cherished moments.