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Starbucks® Single-Origin Colombia by Nespresso®

Sip and savour this single-origin Colombian coffee with a round body, juicy taste and signature nutty finish. 

  • Medium Roast
  • Balanced with nutty notes
Single Origin Colombia


Starbucks Single - Orgin Columbia by Nespresso

We’ve always loved coffee from Colombia. And we’re never reminded of that love more than when we’re traveling to the coffee farms. Driving treacherous dirt roads with a sheer mountain wall to one side – nothing but air for thousands of feet to the other. For us, the round body, juicy taste and signature nutty finish of this 100% Colombian coffee are worth the journey every time.

Make your Starbucks® Single-Origin Colombia by Nespresso® at home with this box of capsules, compatible with Nespresso®® coffee machines.

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Latin America

From Mexico and Costa Rica to Colombia and Puerto Rico, Latin America is known for producing coffee of consistent flavour and quality. This region offers up beans with notes of cocoa and soft spice.



Love a balanced cup with smooth, approachable flavours? Try Medium Roast – right in the middle of the roast spectrum.

Learn about the roast spetcrum


More about this product
Recommended preparation: Brew as an Espresso (40 ml) or a Lungo (110 ml) in your Nespresso® machine.
Why do we use Aluminium?
Coffee is protected from the outside, while aromas are preserved inside. Aluminium is the most protective material available today. It guarantees the freshness of the aromas and flavours of our coffees. Lightweight but strong, aluminium seals it from external elements which could harm it – oxygen, moisture and light.
On top of thus. 80% of the aluminium in our capsules is recycled aluminium. The benefit of using recycled aluminium is linked to the amount of energy saved in the production of the aluminium, so it is well-suited to use in a circular Business model. The recycled aluminium comes from a variety of sources including post-consumer scrap as well as scrap recovered during production processes. By using 80%recycled aluminium, we demonstrate the recyclability of aluminium and want to engage our consumers to recycle their aluminium capsules.


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Single Origin Colombia
Starbucks® Single-Origin Colombia
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