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How to Spice Up Your Iced coffee

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Simple tips to spice up your cold coffee

Adding a cinnamon strike, or sprinkling in some nutmeg, are simple ways to turn your cold brew into a fully crafted summer favourite that tastes just the way you like it. 

Scroll down for more tips and tricks to adding powders and spices to personalise your cold coffee this summer.

Spice up your summer.

It’s not just a season, it’s a feeling – and with Starbucks®, this summer is going to be all about flavour. 

However you’re taking on the summer, we want to help you spice things up a little. Craft your favourite coffee at home with our easy-to-follow, delicious recipes - and get ready to fully personalise those iced coffee drinks you love so much. 


A bit of cinnamon here, some nutmeg there, or even a sprinkle of cacao… it’s all about your favourite flavours. We're sharing some easy methods to take those tasty coffees to a whole new dimension of flavour this summer at home. 



We’ve been adding spice to our coffees for years, and if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that not all spices work with coffee. When you’re adding spice, we'd recommend using warmer, sweeter flavours that work well with a smooth beverage like coffee. 


Smoky spices like paprika don’t pair well with coffee, but warm, nutty, sweeter powders and spices – like cinnamon or nutmeg – work wonderfully, as the flavours complement each other well.



When you’re dealing with spice, less is more until you find your ideal flavour. 
Be careful not to add too much of the nuttier spices like turmeric, cinnamon, or nutmeg – they can easily overpower the flavour of the coffee instead of complementing it. It could also lead to a slightly grainy texture instead of that smooth coffee experience you deserve.

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We’ve got all the knowledge and tips you might need to craft your Starbucks® coffee favourites, your way. When you’re trying to decide what spice or powder to use, ask yourself what kind of flavour experience you’re after, and what you already enjoy. 

If it’s something warm and nutty, you’ll want to use spices like nutmeg, turmeric, or pumpkin spice. If your sweet tooth is calling the shots, try some cacao or chocolate powder. 


Getting the best flavour and texture from spices and powders is easiest when you dissolve them in freshly brewed espresso, or with milk – especially warm milk that’s being frothed. A light sprinkle on the foam cap of some of our coffees will also add a delicate spiced warmth, but if you’re looking for a deeper spiced flavour, we’d recommend adding it the espresso or milk before everything gets combined. 

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The signature cinnamon strike


That bold line of cinnamon we put on our coffees is called a strike, and it’s one of those small details that adds a professional-looking touch to any coffee. It’s also super to easy to make, so give it a try the next time you treat your tastebuds to your favourite Starbucks® coffee. 


Layer some cinnamon on a knife or an offset spatula, hold it over the centre of your coffee, and gently tap it to knock the spice onto the foam. 


You can use this method to add a strike with any of the spices or powders we’ve mentioned.

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