Coffee with friends

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Making coffee for guests is always a great idea, whatever the occasion. Brew your favourite Starbucks® coffees for friends, family or colleagues.

SHARING COFFEE Enjoy Coffee together

Holidays, meetings, fundraisers and parties are all great opportunities for serving delicious coffee.

As well as enjoying coffee’s tempting aroma and delicious taste, more and more we’re all discovering the joys of brewing the perfect cup.

Next time you’re hosting a gathering, large or small, consider serving coffee. Even better – set up a coffee area so your guests can play barista, show off their skills and make their coffee just as they like it.


When you’re getting set for your event, find a place in your home or venue that you can dedicate to coffee making. Move your coffee machine or brewer to a designated space outside of the kitchen, unless you have enough room for people to cook and mingle comfortably.

Get creative. This could be a wine bar, a bookshelf, a coffee or side table, or a desk – just make sure there’s room for mugs and other staple items. Rather than forcing everyone to rummage in your cabinets, have the coffee mugs and other essentials already set out.



Get ready

Mugs. A coffee machine or coffee press. And all sorts of coffees. Make sure your coffee bar is well stocked with everything your guests will need.


When you’re hosting friends, family or colleagues, remember to play to everyone’s unique tastes. A great way to do this is to create a medley of options like Starbucks® Pike Place, Starbucks® Caffè Verona, and a decaffeinated option like Starbucks® Decaf Espresso Roast.


Using whole beans? It’s worth pre-grinding your coffee specifically for the brewer you plan to use. That way you’re not stuck to the grinder all day or night.


Small bites are a great way to add more variety too. Consider a food pairing – something simple to go with the coffee, such as biscotti, cookies or fruit.

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A bite to eat

Serve up some tempting small snacks alongside your coffee. Biscotti, cookies and fruit are all delicious options.


For even more atmosphere, liven up your space with some simple decorations. If you’re hosting loved ones for a holiday celebration, you could use a beautiful wreath or some foliage to bring the outside in. For a birthday, make your food pairing a decadent cake topped with candles.


If it’s more of an everyday event, fresh flowers, a house plant, or candles will all help to elevate your coffee bar into your event’s must-visit destination.


You’ll likely discover your coffee bar becomes a real social hub at your event. After all, coffee is great for bringing people together. Everyone can bond over a shared experience. 


Give it a go, and enjoy! A do-it-yourself coffee bar might well become your go-to whenever you’re entertaining.


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