How to enjoy coffee

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Coffee is a special daily ritual – one that deserves care and attention. Slowing down and enjoying a calm, uplifting moment can set the tone for a positive day.

SMALL CHANGE, BIG IMPACT Creating a special moment

Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee alone or with friends, family or colleagues, you can make it a special moment. Discover the joys of a slow brew.

When you approach brewing, serving and sipping your coffee with intention and inspiration, it becomes your daily ceremony. So, what do you need to create your very own morning coffee routine at home? Great coffee, serveware and accessories.

Another key ingredient? Time. It’s worth taking ten extra minutes to slow down and savour the moment. Pair that with a relaxed, open mindset and you’re winning.


Making your coffee can be a moment to enjoy in itself. To create your at home coffee experience, you’ll need your favourite Starbucks® coffee and any necessary equipment like a coffee machine or a coffee press, and even a grinder if you’re using whole bean coffee.

Taking a gentler pace and making space for inspiration brings rewards. Andie Wilber, a barista at a Starbucks® Reserve™ Roastery, says: "If that's how you start your morning, that's the tone that will follow you throughout your day and hopefully your life”.

“If that's how you start your morning, that's the tone that will follow you throughout your day and hopefully your life.”
Andie Wilber Barista, Starbucks® Reserve™ Roastery

Whether you’re treating someone else to a coffee ritual or sipping solo, it’s amazing how much the way you serve and present your coffee can make a difference to the experience. If you’re just starting out building a collection of serveware, a favourite mug is a great place to begin. Try choosing one in your favourite colour.

Tea towels are a brilliant way to elevate your morning coffee moment too. Look for unique, handmade tea towels that add a pop of color. Try using them as mats. They’re ideal for tucking safely beneath your coffee cup or mug to create a layered look.

Take the layering look to the next level with a coffee tray. A tray really helps to tie everything together. Play around with different patterns and colours to see what speaks to you.


There are all sorts of other well chosen items that can help you create a special coffee moment at home. Fresh flowers are a prime example. They bring the outside in. Candles and votives are a feel-good addition too, even if they’re not lit.

Start small and acquire pieces one by one. There’s no pressure to buy a set. You can simply collect things one at a time.



Rise and grind

Make time to grind your beans and inhale the fresh aroma. It’s the perfect way to prepare your coffee, and senses.


If you’re looking for the best way to enjoy coffee at home, it’s worth experimenting with taking a slower pace and savouring every step of the process. Keep it personal and be led by what you love, from choosing your favourite coffee to sipping from a special mug that feels ‘just right’ in your hands.

In time, it’s likely your morning coffee ritual will become an important part of your day – one you can look forward to as you drift off to sleep at night.


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